Twisted Sistuhs is a female, black and veteran owned wine brand created by Ogechi, Shayla, Kristi, and LaKenya in Nashville, TN! Kristi brought this curated friendship together as each of the women’s Natural HairStylist! Thus began a sisterhood of magnetic energies between liked-minded women who loved to connect and drink. Hence the name Twisted Sistuhs!! 

Twisted Sistuhs shared a passion for all things FUN, connecting and always traveling together, and wanted to build something that would not only keep them together for years to come but also build generational wealth for their children because they are all mothers! Shayla suggested starting a business by all of them joining together to purchase a condo downtown! No one saw the vision and passed on this brilliant idea; now, look at Downtown Nashville!! 

As they continued to discern on a venture that would keep their bond plus incited fun energy, they finally concluded that starting a wine brand would be the perfect industry to take on! I mean, why not? They all love to drink!! 

Understanding the wine industry lit a fire in our fellow Fire sign, Leo, and CEO Ogechi! Her background in Supply Chain and business connections resulted in the start-up of Twisted Sustuhs in 2019.  The development of Twisted Sistuhs brought unknown obstacles and fear for the other Sistuhs. Ogechi kept pushing, always encouraging, always engaging, and helped chart a path for Twisted Sistuhs that made our CFO, a fellow Air sign, and Aquarius LaKenya more intrigued by the endless possibilities!

Last to get on board were the nurturing and protective Water and Earth signs held by our CMO and guardian Kristi (Water) and Brand Ambassador Shayla (Earth). The obstacles turned into groundbreaking moments as they became one of the first women to launch a 2017 Vintage Bourbon Barrel Red Wine Blend in March 2021! 

Going outside the norm, breaking the stigma on wine, showing up for local tastings true to themselves as eccentric, fun, fabulous, and fierce competitors in this newfound industry set TS apart from the rest! 

Twisted Sistuhs mission is more evident than ever to change the narrative in this wine industry, to be inspirational, and to cultivate a society of wine lovers, new and old, one sip at a time!